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Elevate residential homes are the perfect “home base” in which your child can heal and thrive. Our homes feature a 3:1 student/caregiver ratio, giving your child the attention they need to feel safe and supported in their therapeutic journey.

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Our Program Managers are responsible for creating a therapeutic home environment and  training and developing their residential team to oversee the implementation of therapeutic interventions by their team.
The Home Leads are your child’s primary caregivers during their Elevate experience. They are responsible for safety and supervision, building relationships of influence, setting and holding boundaries, facilitating the daily schedule, and communicating to the rest of the Treatment Team. Since they are with your child more than anyone else on the team, they will provide you with a weekly update on your child’s progress from an eye witness perspective. 

Whether it is a yoga class, HIIT exercise, weight training or recreation or adventure therapy, our residential program focuses on activities that complement their treatment program. We would love to have you visit our campus and see the Elevate caregiving system at work!

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