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Elevate Caregiving System

The Elevate Academy provides a supportive and comforting caregiving team. Simply put - our caregivers are there for your child. Using our attuned relationship model our caregivers listen, learn, teach and communicate with your child to provide the interactions and skills that support your child becoming their most healthy self and heal from trauma, mood disorders or attachment challenges in a world class residential treatment center. 


Through the power of the relationship model, students who feel safe, steady and cared for thrive in our holistic caregiving system of teachers, therapists, and daily coaches who understand them and urge them toward their potential.

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Elevate Therapy's clinical approach meets your child where they are, and then urges small, incremental steps towards a healing, engaged, empowered and fulfilling future. 

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Elevate's 1:3 Coach-to-Student milieu ensures that students get the attention they need for
in-the-moment care, support, and coaching.


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Your child will thrive in small, gender-specific, clinically-based, fully accredited classrooms where learning accelerates using the Social-Emotional-Learning model. 

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