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  • Ryan Walton

Why Sown to Grow is so vital to your student

Social Emotional Learning is of critical importance in our schools today. Elevate Academy addresses this much-needed skill through our Social Emotional Learning (SEL) classes. Our classes are taught by therapists and supported by our teachers. Some topics discussed are; Shame and Resilience, Healthy Relationships, DBT, etc. Different modalities are used to teach these concepts, some of which are through equine therapy, board games, and preparing food.

Another component of our SEL program is an online program called Sown to Grow. This is an engaging way for our students to check in and get weekly personalized feedback from their teachers. It allows our teachers to build connections and deepen relationships with our students. Also built-in is the SEL curriculum for the teachers to present mini-lessons. Some topics include; Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, Self-Efficacy, Social Awareness, Perseverance, and Sense of Belonging. As administrators, we gather data from these platforms to help us understand and proactively support our students in real-time with learning strategy recommendations.


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