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The Elevate Academy Specialized Continuum of Care progresses students toward an authentic living environment. In this environment students have the opportunity to practice self-managed skills in a setting ever closer to HOME.

Elevate Academy students live in a home setting of increasing self-managed structure. As with increasing weight helps to build stronger muscles, Elevate Academy’s residential settings add measured and purposeful responsibility so that the residential milieu increasingly prepares your child for a smooth transition to a more normal life.


Setting Duration:  3-9 Months

Life for your child has become challenging, overwhelming and out of control. Elevate Foundations is the start of your child becoming stable, starting to understand what they are experiencing, and developing self control. Foundations coaches focus on developing relationships with your child and helping them manage their impulsive and risky behaviors they experienced at home.

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Setting Duration:  3-6 Months

In Elevate Passages, your child will focus on repairing family relationships and reconnecting in a healthy way. They will be working through trauma and learning to manage their life through executive development.  Students practice increasing age-appropriate responsibility for personal schedules, routines, hobbies and electronics, all while continuing to practice their foundational skill of emotional regulation as their responsibility increases. 

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Setting Duration:  3-4 Months

For students aged 16+, in Elevate Horizons the level of community exposure, social opportunities, and independence increase. As age-appropriate demands such as part-time employment, volunteer work, perhaps drivers ed or a college course increase the complexity of life, your child’s ability to manage their life-skills and emotional resiliency are tested and strengthened. This residential setting ensures that healing and skills gained during Elevate Academy will be retained with the transition home.  

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Advancement through the continuum occurs as students demonstrate the ability to consistently meet the expectations of their current setting. This means the length of stay can fluctuate depending on the level of effort and progress.

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