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Welcome to Elevate Academy, a residential treatment program created to help struggling teenagers. Our mission is clear: to empower our students to heal and thrive. At Elevate, we offer a secure haven and compassionate support to help teens recalibrate and embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth from the inside out.

Elevate specializes in addressing traumatic stress in teenagers by utilizing the ARC Framework. Our approach focuses on nurturing healthy attachments, creating a strong foundation for enhancing self-regulation skills, and ultimately equipping teens with the competencies needed to navigate a successful life.


Many students arrive to Elevate after they have disconnected from their previous healthy friends, interests, hobbies, and even their families. Rooted in a relationship-based model, our approach begins with our dedicated Caregivers (also known as staff) who genuinely prioritize the well-being of these students. They foster warm relationships grounded in trust and connection, creating a solid foundation to guide these teenagers on their path to healing and transformation.

Our Caregivers actively engage with your teen, effectively respond to their needs, remain highly attuned to their unique challenges, and establish consistent routines and rhythms. These practices are designed to instill a profound sense of safety and security in your teen as they embark on their journey towards recovery and personal growth.


At Elevate Academy, we place utmost importance on providing students with the essential foundation of emotional regulation skills. One of the most important skills a student can gain is learning how to slow down the instinctual fight-or-flight responses to triggers and situations and instead choose deliberate responses is a pivotal step in their growth.

Upon their foundation of healthy attachments, our dedicated Caregivers work closely with your teen to co-regulate, demonstrating calm reactions and thoughtful decision-making. Through consistent co-regulation practice, students increase their own ability to self-regulate. As they develop greater control over their emotions, confidence naturally blossoms. Students begin to rediscover their true selves, rekindle their passions and interests, and rebuild a strong foundation for a healthy self, setting the stage for a high-quality life ahead.


As students at Elevate Academy cultivate healthy relationships, a strong sense of identity, and the ability to regulate their emotions effectively, a natural progression towards competency unfolds. This journey is marked by the development of additional skills, including enhanced executive functioning, further self-identity growth, and improved relationships.

Throughout their time at Elevate Academy, students continue to advance these competencies, equipping themselves to navigate the academic landscape, strengthen family bonds, and face the unique challenges that teenagers encounter in today's complex world. These skills serve as valuable assets as they progress towards their graduation and beyond.

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